last update 2021-09-18

Social Media

and their influence on health information and health markets is viewed critically by most of the people which are involved in health systems worldwide. In few areas in the health systems, the involved institutions and people - from doctors to insurers and from the industry to polictics - agree to the idea to handle social media within health systems very carefully.  

We too agree there is a reason to think in this way.  

The integration of components of social media into the marketing of health companies is out of ethical reason - and in many countries based on law -  limited.  

Sometimes the limits are so strict that it seems to make more sense to use other ways than social media for viral marketing.


Lateral thinking enables problem solving based on the fact that conventional theories and restrictions are ignored in favor of finding a way for a solution where nobody walked before.  Without lateral thinking, even today the world would be flat and a lot of products and projects wouldn’t be invented - this means also social media.

All of us are able to learn lateral thinking, but the culture of lateral thinking arises only on the floor of continuing training and ongoing practice.  

Success is no accident.  From the first days of mc medical concept until today, lateral thinking is the usual basis for the development of concepts - and many of them reached a position as leading ways to make drugs, medical devices and health products successful. Most of our concepts are minted on unconventional thinking and ideas - and this is the exact reason why mc medical concept is for many customers the synonym for lateral thinking.

Each new project and object in the area of media which has influence on the market of health and/or health business requires lateral thinking - and we are in the middle of this process.

You profit from the difference.