last update 2021-09-18

Online educating

had especially in the health systems not the best start.  But after  some less successful attempts, online educating is now a very successful tool in the area of practiced medicine and it’s almost unthinkable to miss it in the area of the education and training of doctors, health care providers and patients.  

But even today, online education is not used to the full extent.  Big areas like teaching and training of health care assistants, health care managers and employees of health insurers, etc. are not included in the often more comfortable and flexible ways of online educating.  

Educating and training, even with a background of medical marketing, is not new, but with the new media, this kind of educating includes new opportunities.


Success is no accident and even health products which are considered as dead live longer - thanks to online educating.

Until some years ago it was a fixed meaning: the influence of a teacher on the results of his message found his end with a new teaching.

But the new media basically changed this.  It’s no longer the teacher who seeks the students - the students are seeking the teacher and they don’t have any problems comparing the new and old teachers and teachings to create, as a result, an own opinion which depends not on old or new teachings.  

The result:  To have influence on the results of their messages teachers today have much more responsibility to make their messages reliable, more credible and more interesting than ever before.  This is especially true when in the area of medicine the success of the message is measurable in many ways - even in numbers of sold health products and services.

This is the reason why, especially in the area of medicine, the students are always looking for teachers to which they are able to give their trust and for classrooms in which they feel good.  

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