last update 2021-09-18

Fax Power

describes a tool that belongs to the seeding contact concept.  With this tool, ten thousands of subscribing doctors and health providers which recommend drugs and medical devices get regular faxes with brief information about how to organize a practice, current legal judgements, economical and medical aspects which are necessary to drive a successful practice.  

With no more than ten short facts per fax, it is possible to review this fax within less than 30 seconds and check successfully whether this fax includes themes for which the reader thinks he needs more detailed information.

If yes, he sends back the cover sheet per fax and receives more and detailed information like studies, literature, legal judgments or even samples of drugs or health products which are offered with the fax for free.


Do you have the time to search for and read all of the information which is necessary for your success - No?

You are in line with  98% of all of the doctors which we ask this question.  On the basis of the answers, we developed the best thing for all of the involved people:
We have created a practice fax which includes specific themes for each different specialtist.  This service is considered from the receivers as anywhere from good to extremely beneficial.  This is the reason for the success and why ten thousands of doctors are subscribers of the specialists specific practice fax.  

Our Art:
We use more than 20 years of experience and all of the collected connections to elicit and select specific information which can have an impact on the daily practice for each individual group of specialists.  We send this information with the goal to create and structure an individual dialogue with the target group of specialized doctors.    

The Object:
The subscription is free, it’s delivered in regular terms, the virtual sender is our customer, and each practice fax includes themes which are of interest for the receiving group of specialists. The brief information includes between four and six facts about science, studies, legal judgements, and how to organize and keep an efficient structure in an economical way.  For each fax, we offer detailed information for free.  To get them, the doctors simply send back the cover sheet and marks which detailed information he/she wants to receive.  Depending on the length of the information, we send them per fax or per mail.  Always one of the short fax describes a drug, medical device or health product.  The text for this rubric is deliverd from our customer or written from us after getting a briefing.  We are proud to be able to prove that after six or eight months of regularly sending out this information our customers can see the results in growing sales.  

Imagine, you established this service ten years ago and today you have ten thousands of subscribers and a still growing address pool.  You send out your information three times per month and your subscribers are not only looking for them, they complain when you miss one.  Your subscribers like your information that much that they willingly prefer not only your information but your drugs and health products too.  And you realize the cost for this service is more than justified.  

There is no reason to imagine this idea theoretically any more.  
We establish this service for you.  You use the power behind the numbers of subscribers as you own service.  Not us, but you are the sender of all of the information including those which describe you drugs and health products.

Click here to see an example fax for Germany and here to see an example fax for USA.

Click here if you would like to have more and detailed information.

You profit from the difference.