last update 2021-09-18

e - marketing

in a health system has  - even if it includes tools and methods which cannot be reached with other media - clear and logical limits.

Although 97% of all of the practicing doctors have e-mail and internet access, less than 8% use it regularly to get information out of the scientific or medical field when this information includes advertising or is connected to commercial links.  

Very different to the time ten years ago is the fact that the reason for this lies not in uncertainty in handling the new media - it’s totally contrary!

The question "Do we swim or sink in information" is answered by the vast majority of the doctors with the selection of independent sources.



More than 25 years engagement in the health systems in Germany and more than 10 years in the United States have given us
not only the advantage of knowledge and experience, but also a lot of valuable connections in all levels of the health systems.  

The majority of the information we provide, especially to doctors, is no longer seen as information from the industry.  Today we provide most of our information with the help of medical institutions and scientific societies which have the trust of the receiving doctors.

Today the classic e-marketing even has limits of credibility in the area of patients.  Many patients are drawn in e-information about health and in a lot of cases they do not understand either the content nor the source. To make a different between valuable and not important or even wrong information is for the majority of patients not possible.  This picture of questionable information gets more and more critical as more complicated a disease, the diagnosis or therapy needs to be explained.  

In the same way as for the doctors, we have created new ways to give credible information to patients.  And in the same way as for doctors, our long lasting contacts to specific societies and institutions in the health systems help us to create and provide this credible information.  

You profit from the difference.