last update 2021-09-18

Seeding Contacts

move in health systems opinions, trends and especially SALES.

The art to sow information successfully into those places where they grow best and bring the best fruits is not seen in every health system of the world as a positive development.

It depends on the local idealogy whether economical success or the wishes and interests of patients and consumers play a bigger role in the handling of a health system. But wherever you are, everybody knows an industry without profit won’t provide any success in research and development of new drugs and health products.  The answer includes the term ”ETHICS”.


Seeding contacts makes the difference.  They put information in the field of health providers which uses it to grow knowledge and service.  This includes, of course, information about specific drugs, products and services, and therefore, the grow of sales.


Whether the fees for health insurance are paid voluntarily or not, they always include the right to get information about existing and new ways and products for diagnosis and therapy.  This is not only true for doctors, but also for patients, their relatives and all the involved people and institutions in a health system.  

The success of a health system is correctly measured on the quality of life and the life span for all of the insured members.  Progress in these areas have not only to be funded but also communicated.  But the far apart lying interests of politicians, insurers, etc. often leads to discussions which are allegedly ethical - but the truth is they have the cost as their main focus.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel of information in health systems - but we turned it into a new direction.  Seeding contacts never includes marketing pressure.  If all of the hard discussions about the politics of information of the health industry includes one true fact, that one will be that too much visable marketing is negative in the sense of valuable medical information.  

We don’t think advertising in a health system is dispensable - it’s not and it has it’s own life.  

But we’ve proven in many cases it is much more successful to use concepts which are based on more valuable information and less visable advertising.  Seeding contacts is able to give drugs and health products a stable and successful profile for much lower costs than classic, expensive marketing campaigns. Seeding contacts delivers not only valuable information for health providers; they build opinions, set trends and create success.  This is not only true for information about diagnosis, therapy, laws, how to organize a practice, etc. but also for the information about drugs and health products which are included.

We have been successful farmers for information in the medical field for more than 25 years - we have never been alleged to handle information in an unethical manner.  It’s totally contrary - we seed and our customers harvest and grow in a way which is considered ethical from all of the parties which are involved.

You profit from the difference.