last update 2021-09-18

Pharmacy Sales Force

is a part of those tools which are compared to the way of distribution of health products within Europe and the United States couldn’t be more different. 


The sales of OTC, medical devices and health products differs based on different laws and the most efficient sales procedures in the United States are forbidden by law in most European countries.


In Europe it’s unthinkable to buy an OTC in a gas station, it’s not even allowed to lead customers through shelves with OTC’s for self-service.


On the other hand, the most efficient sales procedures in Europe are unthinkable in the United States where the advice from a pharmacist is not required to buy an OTC as it is in most countries in Europe.


The result:  Success in the United States or in Europe gives not a guarantee or even a guideline for success in newly approached countries on the other continent.   



Not in every country in Europe, especially not in the United States, exists a perfect organized wholesale for the distribution of drugs and health products which are not required to have a prescription but often the doctor’s recommendation.  And even if there is a perfectly structured wholesaler which is able to deliver these products within hours to each pharmacy, they are not sold just because they are available. The success of an efficient pharmacy sales force is therefore correctly measured on the numbers which represents the sales to the end customer.


The term pharmacy sales force is therefore for mc medical concept a term with a specific meaning.  Every single member of the mc medical concept pharmacy sales force sees his job completed only when he was able to put “his “ drugs and health products on the place number one at the point of sale.  And to reach this mc medical concept supports every single member of his sales force with all the know how, the experience and the connections from more than 25 years of local presence in different markets in Europe and more than 10 years in the United States. 


In other words:  Our country specific specialized pharmacy sales force knows and loves the feeling of success and therefore they never see any reason to stop on the way to even more success.


We know the theory and reality and you profit from the difference.