last update 2021-09-18

Pharma representatives

are within the health industry the group of employees, which is measured on concrete numbers more than any other group of employees within this industry.


But not only decreasing sales, especially the changing environment in health politics lead in many countries to the conclusion pharma representatives are no longer one of the most important tools for health marketing.  Their numbers decreased drastically or they disappeared totally.


The more a country as a whole thinks and feels that all of the achievements in medicine and especially in the health industry should be provided to all of the people then less room is left for research, development and free market.  The reason:  There is no country and no health system in the whole wide world which is able to pay for everything possible. One of the consequences:  Less R & D, less information, less representatives.



Representatives from mc medical concept have never been just visible representatives of the health industry.  They have always been at the same time trusted and familiar with their target groups.  They knew and know their problems and have been able to help even without specific advice of their client.


The most valuable and interesting information about drugs and health products lose their power when the reimbursement is, based on political decisions, eliminated or reduced, the same thing is true when insurers have the power to decide whether a drug or health device is effective or not.  When laws require that the pharmacists has to substitute expensive prescriptions without informing doctors, when so called too expensive prescriptions leads to financial burdens for the doctors, when direct contracts between health industry and insurances rule the prescriptions, etc. information about drugs and health products are no longer the most important part of successful marketing.


Pharma representatives from mc medical concept are not only specialized in transferring information -  they create the environment which is necessary to plant the information as a seed which grows and bears fruits.  To reach this goal, it is necessary to manage a network of involved doctors, insurers, health managers, etc.  This is the reason why representatives from mc medical concept are no longer measured by the number of visits but by their success. 


You profit from the difference.