last update 2021-09-18

Key accounting

always changed his influence along with the constantly changing structures within health systems.


This doesn’t mean the influence became weaker or stronger, it’s contrary.  Key accounting is today much deeper involved in the creating and expansion of key business in health systems than ever before.  The reason:  On the bottom of constantly increasing politician’s influence in health systems new decision makers - like insurances, scientific institutes, etc. - appeared to implement new ways of business based on new rules and laws.  


 Successful key accounting is today therefore in many cases comparable with lobbying, which is - contrary to the United States - in Europe seen as a very critical tool with unfair effects. 



Key accounting has within mc medical concept a place, where nothing is left to accident - it’s central and very consciously driven with limited capacity.


More than 25 years of active management in each level of health systems has created knowledge, experience and especially very valuable connections.  On this basis key accounting means for mc medical concept not the unilateral exercising of specific interest - for mc medical concept key accounting is the basis to create visions and realize them with the tools of knowledge, experience and connections. 


Sometimes we know the needle in the haystack or the hidden head which moves the lever - in any case we know the way to move forward.


mc medical concept created the often cited basic principle “success is no accident”.  But not the bold representation of this term - his stimulation is the center of all of our activities.  


You profit from the difference.