last update 2021-09-18

Representatives in Health Systems

have always been flexible tools in a sense, that their volume, activity and targets have always been adopted to the specific requirements of their employer.  This flexibility has always been the most important key for their success.  

But today all the information about new results in research and development, new products, about economical prescriptions, etc. which are intended for doctors and health providers are also justified from politicians, insurers and environmentalists and other groups which see this information not only in a positive way.

The consequences:  Under the influence of rising costs in health systems the objectivity disappears and new laws and rules which are determined to lower the costs replace the information about the optimal therapy.   


The effects of new laws and rules have - dependent on the kind of health system - direct influence on the recommendation and prescription of drugs, medical devices and health products. In some countries, these laws eliminate the doctor's freedom to choose the optimal therapy based on the fact that economical prescription is required and forced by taking the money for so called unreasonably expensive prescriptions directly out of the doctor's pocket.


All these rules and laws and their effects lead in some countries to far reaching consequences which include, that the relevance of representatives from health companies is dwindling. Dependent on the kind of effects and the kind of health system representatices - which did a great job informing doctors, pharmacists and health providers - lost their relevance totally.


mc medical concept reacted country specific. For example, in Germany where mc medical concept had the first and largest pool of contracted representatives, these activities were eliminated years ago. In Germany and the United States mc medical concept is now no longer only specialized to transmit information but also to create an environment in which the information bears the fruit.


That means adapted to country specific situations, for mc medical concept it is no longer the most important fact to count on the quantity of visits, the partial part of visits within a specific target group or the frequency of contacts. Today it is much more important to select the relevant target group, create a positive environment for the message and prove success on a big scale. In this sense mc medical concept representatives are no longer the people which only deliver information and samples; they are usually the managers in their area with contacts not only to doctors, but to insurers and if necessary to health care managers and local politicians also.


After more than 25 years of the founding of mc medical concept our business purpose is still the same: Communication within health systems. More than 25 years of diversified communications with doctors, medical institutions, pharmacists, health politicians and insurers creates connections and trusts which enables mc medical concept today to do much more than deliver information about health products.


You profit from the difference.