last update 2021-09-17


did write successful stories in the whole wide world during the past two decades and they still create regularly new stories and new markets. There is not one other area in the health systems of the world, where within the past ten years, has been on one hand more sophisticated and on the other hand more questionable products created and marketed like in the market of supplements.  

One of the consequences:  Nowhere on an international but also on a country specific level the regulating governments have created more new laws and rules than in the area of supplements.   

The admissibility of ingredients, medical claims, specific medical positioning, etc. has in almost every country different and specific limits.   


Independent from the fact whether standardized supplements or sophisticated supplements for specific medical reasons - the compliance with the regional or local market is the most important precondition for short and long lasting success.  

After almost 20 years of implementing supplements in health markets, it is still a regular process for the governments in different countries to take supplements which are not in compliance with the local rules from the market. This is not only a fact where small companies are affected - even large companies are not spared from an apparently subjective local justification.

The truth is:  Not one country in the EU nor the United States has the goal to prevent the development of new supplements with new ingredients, more sophisticated combinations, etc. - it is totally contrary.

But connected to the open minded justification there are always country specific laws which rule about specific ingredients, combinations, indications, claims, etc.  Similar to the drug market the government puts the safety of the patients first.  But not always is the justification the same and the specific parameters are neither harmonized nor on the way to harmonization.  

The solution:  Country specific know how and local presence protects from surprises.  
Know how, experience and local presence make sure compliance and success are predictable in the short and long term instead of being endangered.

This is one more reason why we are in this area concentrated in our home markets in Germany and the United States.

In Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland and Baltic States, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and United Kingdom we recommend to work with our Agora Partners.

You profit from the difference.