last update 2021-09-18

Standardized OTC

are subject to more or less different laws and rules in almost every country - they do not even have the same term everywhere. 

The common denominator is the creating of a specific group of health products, which have specific medical purposes which are underlined with specific medical claims.  

The registration of those drugs and health products is - compared to a regular registration - easier or ruled in a separate process. In this separate process the registration is regularly standardized.  

The guidelines for this registration process are not always obvious and need detailed insider knowledge.  


For many drugs and health products the lawmakers in some countries give a lot of room to chose between different kinds of positioning within different classifications.


Often it is possible to have a drug or health product in a different area or position only based on minimum changes.  Sometimes there are needs to change the ingredients, sometimes there are needs to change claims or information for patients and customers. 


Sometimes the room for creativity is huge, sometimes there is nothing.


Only specific knowledge, a lot of experience and local connections assure that a drug or health product has the chance to perform in the most successful way in a specific country.


This is the reason why we recommend our Agora partners in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland and Baltic States, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom we recomment to work with our Agora Partners.


For Germany and the United States we have proven often that our specific knowledge, our local presence and the necessary connections cannot only raise the chance for an optimal position of OTC, they are the basis for predictable success.


You profit from the difference.