last update 2021-09-18


in the countries of EU and in the United States are ruled and justified like supplements with a lot of room for interpretation.

In all of the cases when the border area between beauty and health is touched with cosmetics it is worth to take the second, third ... view into the local rulings.  

The fluent transition from decorative to caring and health providing cosmetics and their definitions include not only critical aspects, they especially include different opportunities in different markets.

Beauty and health have a lot in common - but with economical success as a target it is not always advisable to underline these common facts.


We are not specialists in the creating and marketing of cosmetics in general - but there is not one cosmetic for which we cannot give lawful advice regarding the necessary compliance and which we cannot register with the involved health department if necessary.

We know the fluent transition from decorative to health providing cosmetics.  We justify decorative cosmetics and their text for packaging and advertising - we are specialized to answer country specific questions regarding cosmetics with health providing abilities, necessary studies, market access, etc.  

Whenever cosmetics should do more than decoration our know how, our experience and our connections into specific markets help in the process of registration, declaration of ingredients, claims and not at least we are able to find the perfect position for cosmetics with health effects in specific countries.
In Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland and Baltic States, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom we recommend to work with our Agora Partners

In Germany and the United States, we have often proven - a creative differentiation of the term cosmetic into the areas of decoration, care and health is not only necessary because of local laws and rules, but often also more effective for the successful placement into specific markets.

You profit from the difference.