last update 2021-09-18


in the health systems of the world have on the basis of an international view not a lot in common.  

The far apart lying interests of politicians, insurers, doctors, distributors, pharmacists, etc. makes the reimbursement in each country and for each drug and health product a specific challenge.

The frames for the development and handling of health systems depend now more than ever before on the ability to pay claims.  In this sense and on this basis, neither in Europe nor in the United States idealogies have less influence than ever before.  Although in both continents idealogical discussions are sometimes fought like a war, the reality is, all of the health systems depend on the ability to pay.  The only sure thing in this process is the continuing change.


During more than 25 years of engagement in the health systems in Europe - with a focus in Germany - and more than 10 years in the United States we added knowledge on a daily basis.

We work together with the involved health departments, insurers and opinion leaders to always stay one step ahead in the rules, regulations and discussions about reimbursement and how to analyze and handle it. We are integrated in discussions about expected changes and their reasons.  On this basis, in some countries, we are always a step ahead of national rulings


We know our limits, and anywhere we are not able to count on knowledge, connection and experience we work together with partners which meet our expectations.


We provide our service in Germany and the United States.  We recommend to work with our Agora Partners in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland and Baltic States, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom.

You profit from the difference.