last update 2021-09-18

Product Pricing

in a health system is in a lot of countries a science in itself.

This is especially true when reimbursement influences the positioning of drugs and medical products.  In this case, the finding of the best price or value needs lateral thinking.  

In all of the cases when insurers, based on laws, have to reimburse the costs for drugs or even supplements and cosmetics for specific health purposes, the determination of the price is no longer a free act.

Often the decision whether reimbursement is possible or not lays between mg, ml, mm, mb or even claims which say too much or too less. But even if it’s possible, reimbursement is not always the best way to put drugs and health products successfully on the market.


The knowledge of insiders about determining the best prices is one of the rare things in the health systems for which the meaning of globalization will  maybe never be true.  Local ideas and ideologies play the main role in creating a local or regional health system.  This is especially true for prices and reimbursement. 


Country specific laws and regulations seem to be an uncomplicated basis for a very complicated network of parameters which are not always open for the public. 


It is hard to find another business than the health market where it is necessary to have somebody local who knows and can decide what the perfect product is pricing in this specific place. Without this person and his knowledge and experience, it is easy to miss the point and success.  This person delivers the necessary knowledge and experience and therefore the basis for the face and success of health products and the whole company behind it.


More than 25 years of engagement within the health systems in Europe - with a focus in Germany - and more than 10 years in the United States and all of the collected experience and built connections give mc medical concepts the lead in the field of price determination in specific regional health markets. In Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland and Baltic States, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom we work together with companies, policitians, distributors and insurers in private and public sectors. This enables us to make sure the decision for a specific price is not a hurdle but a step in the direction for success. 


You profit from the difference.