last update 2021-09-18

Unique Ideas

make the difference.

The value of the recognition and above average success from companies, health products and drugs is measured on this difference on a daily basis.
The best ideas to make the difference within marketing and business strategies are not available in any shelf or book. They are new born - not daily, not for a lot of health products or drugs and not at a lot of birth places.

A lot of pregnancies and a lot of obstetricians are not a guaranty for intelligent babies.  Successful unique ideas are not the result of knowledge or creativity - they are the nucleus of the meltdown of knowledge and creativity.


One fact that we are especially proud of:

Many of our ideas which we have created in the past 25 years have been copied and landed on the shelves from those which write instructional books and checklists about marketing in the health system.

Since they are now a part of common instructions, most of our formerly unique ideas lost their character as creators of champions in the health market - and they never can come back to their past unique value.

Today we are even better - during more than 25 years of engagement in the health systems in Europe - with a focus in Germany - and more than 10 years in the United States we added knowledge on a daily basis.  We know now better than ever before how and when we have to act to use our ability to meltdown our knowledge and creativity to make the health products and drugs from our customers unique.  

You profit from the difference.