last update 2021-09-17

Successful Strategic Planning

increases the efficiency, the mobility, the competitiveness of products and industries and secures long lasting growth.

This is especially true in a phase when the globalization of the health market and questions about regional differences of reimbursement create complicated challenges for the health industry. The very flexible structure of today’s health systems in Europe and United States offer more opportunities - but also offer more risks than in times in which success in medicine, research and development have been seen positive without reservations.

Adapted strategies take into account these changes long before initial problems in the performance signals it would be necessary to find different ways.


Successful strategic planning within health markets is no longer based only on an economical diagnosis of the most important branch of industries in the world.  The more and more visible restricted abilities to reimbursement everything out of solidarity money make it necessary to create and adapt analysis and prognosis within the political and economical environment where the medical performance is done.

More than 25 years of engagement within the health systems in Europe - with a focus in Germany - and more than 10 years in the United States and all of the collected experience and built connections give mc medical concepts the lead which is necessary to create strategies which are specific for countries and describe individual ways of how to put health products and drugs successfully in specific regional health markets.   

You profit from the difference.