last update 2021-09-17

Regular Marketing Updates

create the best protection against surprises, which are common, when long planned strategies in almost daily changing health systems are not adapted regularly.


Not one company or brand is too big or too small to avoid these serious situations which occur without regular updates.


Without regular checks and without looking at the interests, strategies and operative details from all of the involved politics, institutions and companies, a very successful marketing strategy just a week ago can now be wrong because of the ever changing market. Regular marketing updates provide not only protection, they show new opportunities at a time when others are not necessarily looking at future projections. This means, you are always one step ahead.



Data, checklists, optimized timing, analytic talent and competence are one side of the coin when you search for the perfect solution for continuing protection and optimizing of marketing stratagies and operative decisions.


If you meet all of these requirements you still need more. You need a lot of connections and the skills of spies and detectives which can help you to optimize the value and advantages of marketing updates.


More than 25 years of engagement in the health systems in Europe - with a focus in Germany - and more than 10 years in the United States has created for mc medical concept a lot of knowledge and connections. During this time, on each and every day, our senses were sharpened and our abilities to optimize the puzzle of stratagies grew. If necessary, we are now able to adapt strategies in an hourly rhythm.


You profit from the difference.