last update 2021-09-18

Creating and Management of Partnerships

gives especially in health systems that kind of freedom which is necessary to approach additional markets with less risks.

Although all of the partnerships in a health system have different focuses on exchanging of know how, common use of connections and forces, etc.  - all of the partnerships have one common target:  better results!

But the best, by far, parameter to evaluate a partnership is not the success - it is an expected and in the real sense of the word healthy sharing of the opportunities and risks for all of the involved people and companies  

Only on this basis can you stabilize success and open doors for new ideas and alliances.


We understand a lot about the development of products, data management, monitoring, manufacturing, etc. - but we are not that deeply involved in these areas to make sure we arrange and manage partnerships and alliances in detail.  

A lot of our customers take profit from our contacts and connections which we provide for free.

This is totally different when we arrange partnerships in the areas of registrating and marketing of health products and drugs or companies which reach out to different countries, especially the United States and Germany. In these cases we are able to  deliver much more than  connections into all of the areas of the health systems, we deliver more than 25 years of experience and the specific knowledge how to put health products and drugs successfully in foreign markets.  

The result:  Our management of partnerships with our representation in the foreign country creates more trust, higher transparency and better results.  

You profit from the difference.