last update 2021-09-18

Intelligent Market Analysis

is the key for success not only - but especially in the health market.

Each product and each company - not dependent on their status - can have a large profit from the continuing process of optimizing the ability for more relevant and precise analysis.

The ultimate role in this process is based on the used tools and parameters.

No other industry uses standardized parameters like, for example, the so called CIA  (Competitive Intelligence Analytics) more often than the health industry - and this much too often without the expected success.


The criteria how competitors think and do their job, with and without success, are still important parameters for the evaluation of the development of products in the health system.

But the reliability of the findings for decisions is relative. The extreme differences between the interests of politicians, insurers, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and patients make it impossible today to create a strategy for the health market based only on  numbers.

In many countries of the world health products and drugs are no longer comparable or competitive, even if they are absolute similar.

The best and most detailed competitive analysis is not complete and leads to misinterpretation when the difference between the interests of politicians, insurers, doctors, etc. are not sufficiently considered.

The ability to create a good analysis is a gift which is owned by all qualified consultants.  The possibility to generate relevant facts in the areas of politics, insurance, medical societies, etc. is limited to those which have the necessary connections, contacts and experience.

mc medical concepts has worked more than 25 years in Germany and more than 10 years in the United States not only within the health market but also with medical societies and institutions, opinion leaders in health politics, and on the insurer’s side.  During this time, we built connections and collected experience which give us the ability to create analyses which are perfect for decisions that out-perform your competitors.

You profit from the difference.