last update 2021-09-18

Online shopping

provides new opportunities in the whole world and did open new gates for OTC, supplements, medical devices and cosmetics with health effects.  

But cultural differences and local laws and rules do not allow an online shop with health products on a global basis or even on a common basis within the EU.  Different laws and rules for drugs, health products, for advertising and marketing have created country specific markets not only in the physical market - but also in the area of online shopping. Also, the judgement of online health shops in the view of customers is extremely varied and spans country specific from rejection to euphoric acceptance.

But either way,  the acceptance or rejection and the behaviors of the customers does not always give the crucial answers for the success of online health shops.  



Out of a global view even in the area of health, all drugs, all medical devices, all health products are available online.  But this global view hides the local regulations.  Especially all kinds of health products are objects of different local rules, laws and regulations; and cross border marketing is for many health products in many regions not allowed. In not one other market does the regulators have more opportunity to control and force compatibility than in an online shop.   

Out of a local view online shopping is in a lot of countries well developed and - depending on local rules and laws for different kinds of health products - a continuing growing market.   

An online shop is not a replacement for a pharmacy or any other physical retail shop.  An online health shop isn’t able to give answers where pharmacists, doctors or health providers are needed to explain products and their effects on patients and relatives.  But an online shop is able to give a kind of transparency which cannot be reached with any other kind of shop.  Online shop analysis are often the key for a better understanding of patients, their relatives and the needed  and wanted products.

The valuation of an online health shop as a retail element is kind of short thinking even if the shop uses all the obviously infinite opportunities for information and advertising.

Not in every country and not for each product is an online health shop the best way for a launch or relaunch.  But today an online health shop is very common in the western hemisphere and with more or less restrictions an important part of communications and sales in health systems.   

mc medical concept does not only know the country specific opportunities and limits of online shopping in Germany and the United States -  we use this knowledge plus our more than 25 years of experience in the area of health communications  to create ideas, solutions and networks in which an online shop is more than a retail element. As soon as an online health shop is a point of interest for doctors, pharmacists and  health providers too, the shop is a logical and welcome addition to existing physical shops.   mc medical concept does not only create the online shops - we keep them alive.  The term virtual market can’t be better placed than here.  We create local lawful shops, we lead, steer and store visitors; we organize the warehouse and distribution; we write the invoices, do the bookkeeping and provide for our customers an online platform which gives current information and the opportunity for them to make fundamental decisions whenever they want and where ever they are.


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