last update 2021-09-18

i - marketing

is within the area of health systems - depending on different views - either a new tool with apparently endless opportunities or a new instrument which should be handled very conservatively. 


In any case the i-marketing today is also in the health systems able to open gates which have been - before the age of electronic communication - not only locked, but not existing.


This new dimension for communication, information and real business has different limits in different countries. The range is global but the opportunities for successful i-marketing are regionally limited - country specific laws and rules makes the difference. 


The missing homogeneity is the biggest hurdle to cooperate on a global basis.



For mc medical concept the term “virtual markets” is not abstract but a very realistic term which describes opportunities which would be without an online platform - even for the health industry - nonexistent.  mc medical concept writes successful stories within the area of virtual health markets for years.    

mc medical concept creates in the area of health markets in the EU and the United States not only market analyses, develops strategies and prognoses - we prove their correctness and efficiency through own activities.  

Whether as tests, as start up or as a first step for cooperation - mc medical concept creates for customers, which are not present in specific countries, a real virtual health market.

We do this with own tools, reps and in cooperation with local market participants, etc. To make sure our customers always have the current information and are always and everywhere able to make decisions based on current information, mc medical concept creates a virtual platform for each drug and product.

This platform shows not only the sales, it provides a precise view of the connections between activities and sales and enables our customers within seconds to have all the information which is necessary to make fundamental decisions where ever they are on the globe right now.  

The access into new, often far away and culturally very different markets is based on mc medical concept platforms easier, with less risks and more transparent.  We know the theory and the reality.

You profit from the difference.