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Books out of the mc medical concept publishing company

gave specific indications in the area of medicine and in the area of enlightenment of patients new opportunities for companies and health products as well. 


In the center of this newly developed concept for publications are on one hand for doctors very practical, easy and fast applicable strategies for diagnosis and therapy of specific diseases - including concrete health products and drug recommendations. On the other hand patients and their relatives are informed in a fundamental but easy, understandable and convincible way about specific diseases.


Opinion leading authors, reliable sources and convincible concepts gives books out of the mc medical concept publishing department the advantage of being an earmark publishing instrument with an obvious lead in trustability.



We not only know the limits of and between marketing and public relations - we define new horizons.  


You profit from the difference.




Practical Ambulant Phlebology


ISBN-Nr.: 3-923558-24-4
Autoren: C. Netzer, Prof. MD, G. Rudofsky, Prof. MD


Excerpt Chapter "Contents"
Excerpt Chapter "Compliance"
Excerpt Chapter "Primary varicose veins"


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