last update 2021-09-17

medical concept i - medcube®

connects the wishes from doctors and the health industry to get precise and comprehensive information in a way and on a level which it has never been before.


This is only possible if you think lateral and include the new media.


Specific for each indication and country, competent and trustworthy doctors receive all the information which makes diseases to a specific case and helps to solve them. i-medcube® is not an additional tool to the existing information and communication tools.  i-medcube® puts medical information and marketing for drugs, medical devices,  health products and OTC in a new and environment and on a new level.  


i-medcube® informs, creates opinions, steers trends, channels markets, drugs and health products. 



Beginning in 2013 i-medcube® provides tools which will give the information and communication between doctors and the health industry a so far unknown efficiency. 


i-med® is right now in the phase of development an is until the day when it’s published a project specific confidentiality.


If you are interested to see and justify all of the opportunities of i-medcube® for your company even before it is published, you can have a view inside of the project shortly before it goes online after you have signed a confidentiality agreement.  


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It depends not on your kind of involvement in i-medcube® - You profit from the difference.