last update 2021-09-17

Earmark Publishing

has been always an instrument for publications which combined valuable theoretical information out of the areas of science and research with information which provides realistic solutions.


This combination of targeted publishing has a designated place in health systems because it plays a specific role to give answers to questions in the area of health systems including the branding of otherwise interchangeable drugs, medical devices and health products.  


The age of electronic information changed the print versions - but it doesn’t change the importance of information, it’s contrary.  The flood, the missing competence and the lack of credibility of the sources makes medical information out of the internet for many doctors and patients not always the number one choice when they are looking for trusted sources and information.


The internet made the information about medicine faster and more readily available - but not better. 



Communication and the creating of opinions in health systems has one thing in common:


mc medical concept earmark publishing.


There is no advertising, no movie, no viral marketing, no marketing tool which is able to create opinions and trends without resentment from the target group.  The credibility of a message decreases especially in the area of health systems, when the message is delivered  through identifiable marketing tools. 


This fact is not new - but in the age of mass electronic information and communication more and more people and institutions in the whole wide world are aware of it. 


mc medical concept earmark publishing is sometimes able - but not willing to substitute marketing.  The effects of successful marketing is very valuable and indispensable.  The difference lies in the purpose:  Successful marketing generates product specific sales - mc medical concept earmark publishing creates opinions, steer trends and channels markets.  mc medical concept earmark publishing needs to be compared to marketing - it lives from the difference. 


We not only know the limits of and between marketing and public relations - we define new horizons. 


You profit from the difference.