last update 2021-09-18

About us

mc medical concept has proven for more than 25 years - success is no accident.


We have also proven - ethics and success are even and especially in health systems one unit.


The optimizing of spontaneous and long lasting success in heath systems requires the use of strategies and tools which withstands critical judgement of a lot of involved and often even not involved people and institutions. Not rarely is this an act of balance in which logic is not always the last decisive factor for important decisions.  


We know and live this balancing act.  For more than 25 years we have developed a lot of successful strategies and new tools for the purpose of successful positioning of drugs and health products.  In all of these years, we have never violated or offended our own high claims of ethical communication in marketing within health systems and that’s the reason why we have never received complaints about unethical behavior. 


You profit from the difference.